The Costa Rica Recupera alliance and ALIARSE Foundation join forces to work for waste recovery in the country

30 April, 2024

  • The alliance is formed by the Coca-Cola Company, Cola-Cola FEMSA, Dos Pinos and FIFCO under the name “Costa Rica Recupera”.
  • The commitment is to recover 80% of the plastic placed in the market by the beverage sector.

San José, April 30, 2024. In a collaborative effort of the beverage sector, the Coca-Cola Company, Coca-Cola FEMSA, Dos Pinos and FIFCO joined together with the ALIARSE Foundation in the launching of “Costa Rica Recupera: Waste Management Sector Alliance”.

The “Costa Rica Recupera” initiative is the main voluntary, collaborative effort of the beverage sector, whose objective is to increase the recovery rates of plastic placed in the market and contribute to the country’s goals through joint recovery strategies.  

“Thanks to the ALIARSE Foundation we recognize that joint work and collaboration is essential to have a real impact on this issue of great national relevance. We applaud the initiative of these companies to work hand in hand in this alliance” – Aitor Llodio, Executive Director of ALIARSE.

“One of the main purposes for the Coca-Cola system is to create a more sustainable future based on clear objectives on waste collection issues and the reincorporation of recycled resin in our packaging. With these commitments, we carried out a series of actions to collect and recycle PET bottles”, William Segura, Director of Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainability of Coca-Cola for Central America.

Segura added that “together with our bottling partner Coca-Cola FEMSA, we have promoted environmental care with several initiatives, consolidating our beverage portfolio in its returnable presentations. We seek to generate greater value and positive impact, bringing together allies from across the industry and authorities to address shared challenges.

This alliance seeks to ensure transparency in the traceability of reusable material recovered to contribute to national indicators through the internal and coordinated management of partner organizations.

“At Dos Pinos we promote circular economy and encourage sustainable production throughout the value chain. For this reason, being part of this sectorial effort will allow us to strengthen our management and commitment to increase the recovery of post-consumer packaging to reduce our environmental footprint. In 2023 alone, we were able to recover more than 798 tons of waste from the market, of which 57% corresponded to plastic, a figure we expect to increase with this new alliance”, explained Sofia Valverde, Communication and Community Relations Manager for Dos Pinos.

FIFCO defines 3 environmental priorities: the climate action strategy, its positive water agenda, and circular economy. The latter includes a rigorous zero waste approach and a comprehensive agenda related to plastic, which we call Plastic 360. “In 2023, we reached 120% in the recovery of plastic marketed individually, and now we want to enhance our actions through this waste recovery sector alliance,” said María Pía Robles, FIFCO’s Director of Corporate Relations.

Costa Rica Recupera sees circular economy as an impact model for the development of businesses that promote greater plastic waste recovery in the country, so the chaining of the actors involved is key to achieving the goal. In addition, the organizations hope that this effort will serve as a platform to strengthen the capacities and good practices of the private sector, so that more organizations integrate sustainable practices that add to the recovery of reusable waste. 







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