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Any Tico lunch would not be complete without a good refreshing drink! That is how in 2001 we created a thirst-quenching drink as natural as the one our grandmother used to make at home, providing our consumers with the most delicious flavors: pineapple, cas, blackberry, mixed fruits and soursop.

The following year after delighting the market with natural freshness, we took the next step and in 2002 we ventured into the world of iced teas, incorporating to our portfolio flavors such as traditional black tea with lemon and the flavor never seen before in Costa Rica: black tea with peach, which would become one of the flavors with the highest sales to date.

Innovations kept coming and in 2003 the flavors blueberry white tea and green apple tea were added to the family. Several years later, by 2018, sugar consumption and its impact on health takes greater relevance in society; seeing this behavior in consumers we decided to launch: zero tea, offering a zero sugar and zero calorie option, with 6 delicious flavors to enjoy.

As for the benefits of our products, these refreshments are a source of Vitamin C and contain 100% natural fruit concentrate. Teas (both zero and regular) help strengthen the immune system, as they contain natural antioxidants, and are a source of Vitamin C, zinc and selenium. These are also endorsed by the Costa Rican Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists (ACDYN).

Naturalness, flavor and wellness are fundamental pillars in Tropical’s history, but so has been our environmental management. That is why we have a responsible production of our products, being carbon positive, water positive; we also have a zero waste plant. In addition, thanks to the support of our consumers with the program Tropi te mueve (Tropi Moves You), we have dedicated more than 6000 hours to social good programs.

Bringing the best products to Ticos comes naturally to us!




Té blanco arándanos


Té blanco manzana verde

Té melocotón

Té blanco frutas tropicales

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