As part of our sustainability strategy, our main brands maintain a rigorous agenda of minimizing their environmental impact and maximizing value creation.


At FIFCO we continue with the sustainability leadership and innovation efforts that have always characterized us, so we see in Purpose-Driven Brands the platform to strengthen the connection with consumers and thus materialize our purpose of sharing with the world a better way of living.

FIFCO maintains the product environmental footprint verification process associated with 4 major brands: Imperial, Cristal, Pilsen, and Tropical. This verification process is performed by the Technical Standards Institute of Costa Rica (INTECO), through the standards INTE/ISO 14067:2019 (Carbon Footprint of Products) INTE/ISO 14046:2015 (Water Footprint) and INTE/ISO 14044:2007/ENM 1:2018 (for Life Cycle Assessment).

As part of our initiatives, the Cristal and Imperial brands were the first to be launched in the Costa Rican market with a type III environmental label or eco-label.

Ecolabels are awarded to those products that declare their main environmental impacts in areas such as water, soil and air, based on a life cycle assessment that includes all the relevant stages of their value chain.

In the case of Imperial, it is a brand that has been characterized by its commitment to the environment. In relation to packaging, we distribute in returnable glass bottles, which allows us to reduce environmental impacts at the level of waste generation, since our consumers return the bottle to us and we can repackage it many more times.

In the case of aluminum cans, it is a 100% recyclable material and supported by FIFCO’s post-consumer recycling program, we collect our containers. One of our greatest efforts is focused on minimizing the impact of water consumption; in the last 10 years, Imperial has reduced the consumption of water used in production by 34%, and we carry out Payment for Environmental Services, a mechanism through which we are able to return 5 times more water than we extract for production, by protecting the forest in the Río Segundo upper basin.







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