FIFCO achieved important environmental milestone by reaching circularity index target

22 April, 2024

  • FIFCO set 9 environmental, social and governance goals to 2027 as part of its sustainability agenda.
  • The company obtained 61% in the Circularity Index measurement of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Granta Design.

The celebration of World Earth Day 2024 invites companies, governments and consumers to double their efforts to combat pollution.

In response to this call and as part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability through its 9 environmental, social and governance goals, FIFCO reported that it reached its proposed circularity goal by 2027. Circularity promotes the reuse of resources within the value chain for as long as possible to reduce environmental pollution.

FIFCO has been measuring its circularity level since 2021, with a base score of 45% and a target of 60% by 2027. Thanks to the measures implemented, the goal was reached four years earlier. The challenge now is to maintain the implementation of good practices to continue improving the indicator.

The company obtained 61% in the Circularity Index measurement of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Granta Design for the beverage business in Costa Rica.

 “We are committed to identify and reduce the environmental impacts of the business, in addition, we work on intensive agendas to maintain our status of positive water, positive carbon and zero waste; as well as biodiversity protection through initiatives such as wildlife and water bodies preservation, environmental education and reforestation programs, among others,” said Maria Pía Robles, FIFCO’s Corporate Relations Director.

Other important advances  

As part of its Plastic 360 strategy, which reduces the placement of plastic in the market (from the product design stage), important advances have been made.

The strategy aligns directly with target 12.5 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which proposes to reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse activities by 2030.

This is the status of the main initiatives:

Eco-friendly packaging: By 2027, at least 82% of containers are expected to be environmentally friendly, mainly glass and aluminum. By 2023, 73% of this type of packaging was obtained. To advance in this indicator, FIFCO has redesigned its containers to reduce the plastic in its bottles by up to 20%.

In addition, 15%, 50% and 100% recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) resin is used in water, tea and carbonated beverage containers. In the beer lines, the company aims to eradicate the secondary plastic used in product packaging. To achieve this, packaging tests are being carried out both at the logistical level and in terms of packaging stability under real market conditions.

No more single-use plastic in stores: Musi and Musmanni stores eliminated single-use plastic in straws, drink stirrers and all packaging bags. Pastry bags are now made of biodegradable paper, while shopping bags are made from cornstarch, a material that degrades. The changes were implemented in compliance with the Law to Combat Plastic Pollution and Protect the Environment.

120% of containers recovered: FIFCO currently works under the standard of collecting by weight the same amount of material that it places on sale, through its post-consumer recycling program. In 2023, 6,257 tons of plastic were recovered.

According to the United Nations, the world produces 430 million tons of plastic per year. The greatest impact is caused by single-use plastics, which account for two-thirds of this volume. It is estimated that, globally, plastic pollution will triple by 2060 if no action is taken.

FIFCO’s strategy to contribute to solve the problem involves contributions from the company, its customers, consumers, shareholders and investors in favor of the environment. Within the Earth Day framework, FIFCO invites companies of all sizes to identify and reduce the environmental impacts of their businesses, implement actions to restore natural habitats and develop socio-environmental symbiosis to contribute to the planet’s well-being.







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