Joystick won international awards thanks to creative and high-impact campaigns

3 August, 2023

  • Agency completed its first year of operation in April 2023

FIFCO’s in-house creativity and digital advertising agency, Joystick, recently won multiple international awards at advertising festivals, thanks to daring and creative campaigns that achieved high impact for the company’s different brands.

Joystick is already competing with major agencies in international festivals.
WINA: 27 countries participated with more than 80 agencies. Joystick ranked fourth in the Global top (in its first participation).
Antigua Festival: 18 of the most important agencies and brands of the Central American region were awarded with ideas that had already been awarded in Cannes, showing a high level in the festival.

Joystick is an in-house agency that provides services to the different beverage and food brands of FIFCO’s portfolio. This work model was established to provide an exclusive service to the brands, contributing to a better understanding of the category and the business, as well as greater closeness between teams that drive creativity, generating a positive impact on the business.

It has a totally consumer-centric approach and by using tools such as real-time marketing and data-driven decisions, it has managed to minimize response times.

Awards achieved

After only one year of operation, Joystick was awarded in different categories in 2 international contests:

  • Imperial and Joystick were awarded in the Antigua Festival (the most important creative festival in Central America) with 1 silver and 3 bronzes in different categories.
  • They also stood out as the most awarded teams in Central America at the WINA Festival, which is held in Dubai and Bogota to reward creativity from independent agencies around the world. We obtained 1 Grand Prix, 2 golds, 1 silver, 2 bronzes and 2 honorable mentions.

Maria Pía Robles, FIFCO’s Corporate Relations Director, commented “FIFCO made an ambitious proposal of internal services by creating the Joystick digital marketing and advertising agency, which has provided excellent results for all our brands. We congratulate them for these recognitions after only one year of operation, and we are sure that they will have an exponential development, thanks to their personnel and the multiple technological tools that allow us to be at the forefront”.

José Pablo Murillo, manager of Connections and who leads Joystick, said “we are committed to continue providing value hand in hand with innovation and constant transformation. We have a completely consumer-centric approach and thanks to the talented team of people working at Joystick, we will continue to reach new goals and build our reputation in the world of advertising and marketing”.

Joystick is comprised of a group of more than 50 people and is growing.







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