“Dream Factory”: A float that inspires children to pursue their goals

13 December, 2023

  • Asidown and Roblealto collaborated with the selection of two of the seven boys and girls to participate in the float.
  • Through the “Dream Factory” float, Tropical, a FIFCO company brand, seeks to encourage children to pursue their aspirations and goals.

Tropical, the natural refreshment brand of Florida Ice and Farm Company (FIFCO), announced a unique and significant participation on December 16 in the Light Festival 2023. Beyond the Christmas celebration, the brand has decided to illuminate the event with an innovative approach focused on inclusion of minors.

The launch of Tropical Play, a beverage created specifically for children, served as inspiration for this float. Under the slogan “Dream Factory”, Tropical created a magical world, full of brightness, fantasy, colors and joy, aimed at promoting the integral wellbeing of children. This approach goes beyond simply participating in parades; it is an invitation to celebrate infinite imagination and encourage them to pursue their aspirations and goals.

Tropical Play, the beverage launched by the brand, not only seeks to conquer the palates of the youngest, but also to contribute to the well-being of Costa Rican children, all in line with the smart consumption agenda FIFCO promotes through its brands.

Designed specifically for this child population, Tropical Play is low in sugar content, low in calories and enriched with vitamin C, complying with the standards of the cafeteria decree for students. Endorsed by the Costa Rican Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists, this drink is positioned as a healthy option for children’s snacks, without preservatives or artificial colors.

Maria Pía Robles, FIFCO’s Corporate Relations Director, commented “the highlight of our Tropical brand’s participation in the Light Festival is the collaboration with Asidown and Roblealto to select two of the seven boys and girls that will be part of our float. This inclusive approach reflects FIFCO’s commitment to the integral development of children. In doing so, Tropical not only participates in a symbolic event, but also leads a positive change towards inclusion and acceptance.”

These actions are aligned with FIFCO’s vision of Expansive Sustainability, which seeks solutions to social challenges by adopting comprehensive and sustainable approaches, fostering creativity and continuous learning.

Tropical invites you to join this celebration that goes beyond light and colors, spreading a powerful message of inclusion to brighten the holiday season.







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