BAVAR·IA: First concert based on Artificial Intelligence with National Soul and Talent

28 July, 2023

  • An innovative project that combines AI and human talent, comes to the country during the month of August
  • The National Philharmonic Orchestra, along with four Costa Rican artists, will bring to life songs from genres such as ballads, rancheras, indie rock and Latin reggae.

In an innovative musical collaboration, Bavaria, together with musicians from the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Costa Rica and four Costa Rican artists, have created “BAVAR.IA“, a great project that fuses artificial intelligence (IA in Spanish) and human talent to revolutionize artistic expression for the first time in the country.

How to participate for tickets to live this experience?

  • Visit and complete the registration form to participate.
  • Venue: Costa Rica Convention Center
  • Date: Saturday, August 12, 2023
  • Adults-only event
  • See rules and conditions

In this concert, attendees will enjoy songs generated through Chat GPT, reinterpreted with the soul of local artists, including genres such as the ballad which expresses love, the ranchera which addresses spite, indie rock inviting to dream and Latin reggae to celebrate happiness. All these compositions evoke a deep emotional connection, inviting you to experiment with the soul.

Said songs are led by renowned national singers Sebas Guillem, Mau Madriz, Rowena Scott and Iriabelle González, who were chosen to join this project thanks to their outstanding talent.

“”To say that Bavaria is made of only the best ingredients, is like saying that we are made of flesh and blood; we have purpose, passion, and most importantly, we are made with soul. For this reason, at Bavaria we decided to launch “BAVAR.IA“, a project never seen before in the country that merges new technological trends showing that it is impossible to replace human talent, commented Andrea Quirós, Bavaria’s brand manager.

“BAVAR.IA” was born as a result of the brand’s perception that Artificial Intelligence is improving daily life in many aspects, but that it lacks an essential component that gives life to everything we do in this world: soul.

As an exercise on this topic, Bavaria asked Chat GPT if it had soul, and it answered that it was an AI model created to process language based on data, but that it does not have a soul, personal experiences, emotions or its own conscience.

For this reason, they consider that soul is that which only human beings are capable of transmitting and communicating. Emotions and all that is what gives life; for example, to a song interpreted from the heart, a recipe made with inspiration or poetry recited from an artist’s vision.

Undoubtedly, “BAVAR.IA” also joins FIFCO’s tireless positioning to lead in innovation issues in different areas of the market, in this case, in technology and innovation, aware of the boom that digital trends have had in recent months.

“At FIFCO we constantly seek to innovate through our brands, either with new products, solutions, or with experiences that bring us closer to our consumers. On this occasion, “BAVAR.IA” comes to revolutionize in Costa Rica as the first concert created with artificial intelligence, a topic we recently addressed in our event FIFCO: Expansive Sustainability”, added Maria Pía Robles, FIFCO’s Corporate Relations Director.

To participate for tickets, go to and complete the registration form. For more information about “BAVAR.IA“, access Bavaria’s social networks: Instagram o Facebook.







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