Municipality of Cartago will activate an operation to collect plastic bottles during the Romería

27 July, 2023

  • FIFCO volunteers will support the waste management of people participating in the activity.
  • Ecoins platform recommends delivering completely empty containers and separating the caps. 

More than 30 FIFCO volunteers will accompany the plastic bottle collection and recycling initiative led by the Municipality of Cartago, facing the traditional Catholic pilgrimage to the Basílica de los Ángeles, known as La Romería

Minimum conditions for waste disposal
Before handing over your plastic bottle to FIFCO volunteers, please make sure to:

-Empty the contents (liquid) completely.
-Separate the cap, so that it can be recycled separately.
-Crush the bottle (it can be with your foot on cement or pavement) so that it occupies less space in the container.

Source: ecoins

The initiative will be developed during the days that are projected to be the busiest for pilgrims:

  • Friday, July 28
  • Saturday, July 29
  • There will be an awning at the Basilica, open from 8 am to 3 pm
  • It will be reactivated on Tuesday, August 1 from 8 am to 12 midnight

Maria Pía Robles, FIFCO’s Corporate Relations Director, explained that the company has been activating this initiative to collect plastic bottles during this celebration for more than 10 years.

“We support the Municipality of Cartago and the people who choose to express their faith by walking, so that they can adequately hydrate themselves during the journey, take care of their health and experience the religious fervor, with the certainty that at the end we will make a correct disposal of their containers”, explained Robles.

The pilgrims can look for volunteer personnel identified with FIFCO T-shirts to guide them to the initiative’s containers.







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