Students concluded the dual training process as Production Process Operator Technicians promoted by FIFCO and INA

31 May, 2023

  • Students are part of the first generation to graduate in this specialty.

Five students of the first generation of operator technicians in productive processes, under the dual training modality promoted by FIFCO and INA (National Learning Institute), successfully completed their studies.

On September 20, 2022, this course officially started with 3 learning modules with a duration of 683 hours of training executed from a dual methodology in which students put into practice the knowledge acquired in the classroom in the reality of a production plant.

INA trained 8 mentors who helped these 5 students achieve their training process.

Maria Pía Robles, FIFCO’s Director of Corporate Relations, commented: “FIFCO, as a company that promotes the dual training model in Costa Rica, celebrates this new generation of students who were able to complete their studies and thus improve their projection in the work field. This first generation of graduates in productive processes motivates us to continue developing together with INA more dual training programs in other areas, for the country’s benefit”.

“Once again, FIFCO’s commitment is reflected, hand in hand with INA, to promote dual training and strengthen employability in the country. From INA we continue working to develop more programs in different areas, as well as new agreements with the business sector. FIFCO is and continues to be a witness of the success and benefit that this modality provides to its company, while students acquire the necessary knowledge to enter the labor market”, said Juan Alfaro López, INA’s Executive President.

The design of this program began in 2019, through a collaborative process between FIFCO, the National Qualifications Framework and INA. This collaboration takes place within the framework of the Dual Education and Training Law (No. 9728), which has implied a profitable learning process for all governmental and private organizations involved.

Since 2014, FIFCO has another dual training program in its hospitality division, in Reserva Conchal, which has trained almost 300 people from Guanacaste in activities related to tourism and is considered by INA as a benchmark model of dual education.

More recently, in February of this year, the graduation of another dual training group in point-of-sale administration took place. In this process, 10 students from the canton of Desamparados developed their learning process in Musi and Musmanni stores (FIFCO’s Retail Division), strengthening joint work with INA in terms of dual training.







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