Chefs reinterpret traditional food in a recipe book featuring representative dishes from the seven provinces of Costa Rica

20 November, 2023

  • Publication brings together 14 characteristic dishes of local gastronomy, with the personal touch of local chefs, including chefs Sofía Rodríguez, Tía Florita, Santiago Fernández and Ricky Barthley.
  • 100% of the proceeds generated from the sale of the book will be invested in food for people in poverty, through the Food Bank.

The flavors of Costa Rica’s seven provinces is the protagonist of the recipe book of traditional Costa Rican dishes that FIFCO created to celebrate national gastronomy. The book includes 14 recipes, two per province, which were reinterpreted by Costa Rican chefs, who gave their personal touch to the country’s most characteristic dishes.

Renowned culinary specialists participated in the creation of this recipe book, including chefs Tía Florita, Sofía Rodríguez, Santiago Fernández and Ricky Barthley, among others. Each author contributed the recipe with which he/she most identifies according to his/her family history and that of his/her province, based on a selection of dishes made by nutrition professionals. Each dish includes a historical review of its origin and nutritional information on the ingredients used in its preparation.

The production of the recipe book also included the participation of historians, writers, nutritionists and experts from FIFCO’s social strategy, communication and commercial areas, who collaborated for more than a year in this project.

“We want this book to be a guide for Costa Rican families, so they can prepare, enjoy and preserve the traditional recipes that distinguish our country so much and in turn pass them from one generation to the other,” said María Pía Robles, FIFCO’s Corporate Relations Director.

The recipe book is already on sale at Musi and Musmanni stores; each copy costs 3,000 colones.

One hundred percent of the income generated by the sale of the recipe book will be donated to the Food Bank, which will invest the funds in bringing food to people living in poverty in the seven provinces. It is estimated that consumer support will make it possible to reach a donation of 17.5 million colones.

These actions are aligned with FIFCO’s Expanding Sustainability vision, which seeks innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges through creativity, systemic thinking, interdisciplinary collaboration and continuous learning to develop comprehensive and sustainable approaches.







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