Free digital platform will allow people to prepare for the driving theory test

18 July, 2023

  • Aprendo a Manejar is an initiative that is part of the alliance between FIFCO and Grupo Purdy to promote safe and responsible mobility in Costa Rica.

With the purpose of providing a 100% free tool to people preparing for the driving theory test, FIFCO and Grupo Purdy launched the Aprendo a Manejar  (I Learn How to Drive) platform. This virtual course will allow future drivers to practice for such evaluation in a simple way through the website:

On the platform, people will find different single-choice questions in thematic blocks related to the use of traffic circles, traffic signs, among others. Precisely, the tool was designed based on the most relevant aspects dictated by the Costa Rican Traffic Law. 

Aprendo a Manejar is a platform everyone can access from any device with internet connection, at any time they want and in which, in addition to a much simpler and intuitive theory to understand, simulations of the theoretical driving test can be performed so that those interested can know what topics they need to reinforce.

Maria Pía Robles, FIFCO’s Corporate Relations Director, commented “At FIFCO, we believe in the power of partnerships to contribute to issues of national interest. This type of collaborations demonstrate our commitment to expansive sustainability, an approach to the creation of social value, which has creativity, systemic thinking and solidarity at its core”.

Likewise, the platform will promote safe and responsible mobility among the people who practice for its evaluation. According to data from the Costa Rican Red Cross, in 2022 one of the most attended emergencies were traffic accidents, which totaled more than 52,000 incidents, including: 5,179 collisions with pedestrians, 30,999 vehicle collisions and 16,256 rollovers.

Therefore, as part of a positive impact on Costa Rican society, both companies joined forces to present an initiative to accompany and raise awareness among future drivers about the responsibility they have in their hands when driving a vehicle.

For Grupo Purdy, driving is a lifelong learning process and for this reason it is essential that, as part of the road ecosystem, people do it safely to take care of the welfare of those who share space on the road, such as pedestrians, cyclists, animals, motorcyclists and, of course, other drivers.

“At Grupo Purdy, as integral leaders in the mobility sector, we assume the responsibility of having a positive impact on society and the sector where we operate. With Aprendo a Manejar we are sure that many people will prepare for their driving theory test, but also to move in a safe way on our roads. We are very happy with the launch of this new platform, which is also free and will be available to everyone who needs it,” said Ana María Sequeira, Corporate Relations and Sustainability Director of Grupo Purdy.







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