FIFCO and PEDREGAL reinforce plan for responsible management of recoverable waste at Picnic Festival Central America

8 February, 2024

  • Attendees will have identified containers to dispose of plastic and aluminum containers.

On February 10 and 17, participants of the Picnic Festival Central America 2024 will find a series of conditions to dispose of their recyclable waste responsibly, while singing and dancing to talented artists.

In preparation for the ninth edition of the music festival, FIFCO and the PEDREGAL Events Center reinforced their plan for the responsible management of recoverable waste generated during the two days. The objective is to ensure that plastic, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and aluminum containers, as well as cardboard and glass, are properly separated for recycling.

Throughout the event center there will be identified containers to deposit beverage containers and other recyclable waste. In addition, collaborators will work during the two dates of the festival in the differentiated collection of waste and separation at the place of origin, in order to ensure the maximum use of the materials.

Once sorted, a FIFCO transport will take the shipment to the collection center that will be in charge of its recycling.

“One of our business action areas is circularity, with which we seek to make the most of resources and reduce pressure on ecosystems. We invite attendees to enjoy their favorite artists with responsible beverage consumption and correct disposal of the waste they generate and find around them”, sustained María Pía Robles, FIFCO’s Corporate Relations Director

Meanwhile, PEDREGAL will use non-recyclable plastic waste – such as tarpaulins, cups and cutlery – to produce RESIN8TM, a synthetic sand used as raw material in the construction industry.

This technology provides a new use for plastics that cannot be recycled, which would otherwise end up in landfills and even in rivers and oceans, generating high levels of pollution.

“We are excited to collaborate with FIFCO and other partner companies to responsibly manage waste at the Picnic Festival. Together, we will maximize the valorization of waste by transforming polluting plastics into construction sand. This initiative not only prolongs the useful life of the materials, but also reduces gas emissions, thus protecting our ecosystem,” explained David Zamora, Commercial Director of CRDC-PEDREGAL.

Plástico Circular

In the canton of Belen, where the Picnic Festival Central America 2024 will take place, CRDC-PEDREGAL Group and FIFCO are members of the Plástico Circular (Circular Plastic) initiative, whose main objective is to implement a circular economy model that allows sustainable management of non-recoverable plastics. This project is developed by CRDC-PEDREGAL, FIFCO, VEINSA, NESTLÉ, INTEL, UNDP and MINSA Belén.

During its first three months, the project has collected half a ton of plastic and 20 businesses, companies and development associations have joined. In addition, the collection is clean, since an electric truck is used. This year, the REAP circular economy educational program will be launched, aimed at Belen’s public schools and colleges.


FIFCO is a beverage and food company with 115 years of history, and operations in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador and the United States, 7 manufacturing plants and 15 distribution centers. It has 3 business divisions that include “Florida Bebidas” (food and beverages), “Florida Hospitality” (real estate) and “Florida Retail” (retail sales). It exports to 18 countries around the world and has a portfolio of 1,500 products.


PEDREGAL is a leading Costa Rican company in the construction sector. It is the main supplier of aggregates and concrete blocks in Costa Rica with a network of more than 400 distributors. Thanks to its vision of sustainability, it currently uses more than 690kW of solar energy in its different production processes, reuses 100% of its post-industrial waste, and has promoted environmental solutions in the sector such as draining paving blocks. Additionally, it is co-developer of the patented RESIN8TM technology, which allows the transformation of any plastic waste into raw material for construction, strengthening circular economy.







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